In 2014, I was depressed, tired, and about to have a major digestive disconnect. Autoimmune issues that I had struggled with for years, never finding the root cause in the medical world, were about to reach alarm level and the universe was telling me to slow down. I was also trying to take care of my family and find relief from chronic respiratory issues for myself and my son.


I signed up for a class on natural wellness, invested in the starter kit of Young Living oils, and never looked back. Aromatherapy is the real deal, and once I ditched toxic cleaners, candles and skin care filled with harmful chemicals and switched to natural alternatives, my whole lifestyle changed. It didn't happen in an instant but rather small changes over time. If I can make these changes for the better, you can, too, and I will help every step of the way.  

My husband Kris, daughter, Ava, and son, Brady, are my reasons for making the switch to a toxin-free lifestyle.



You and I are uniquely different, but that’s generally not how we are raised to feel. We go to school at the same time, get shots at the same time, follow many of the same protocols even if they don’t fit. Here at Breathe You, it’s all about finding what works for you. There are many facets of wellness, and we work on breathing, aromatherapy, yoga and mindset to help heal ourselves from the inside out. You can be your own best doctor!  Whether you are looking for a yoga practice, all natural products, a session to learn breathing for de-stressing, or community support, you can find all of that here. Fall in love with life again, just like when you were a child!

To learn more about my journey with Young Living Essential Oils and how to get started, click here.

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